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on November 8th

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Meet Melissa

Melissa Osborne is running for election for Connecticut’s 16th House District, to be Simsbury's next State Representative. After a career as a lawyer representing large real estate and financial services firms, she relocated to the Farmington District 19 years ago to raise her family. While balancing family and work, she started her own law practice to guide and support families through difficult situations, and represented vulnerable children and parents in Family and Juvenile Court.

As an advocate for her clients and issues she believes in, Melissa went beyond the court room to fight at the legislature for reform in the family court system, legislation to improve breast cancer screening for women, and laws to protect victims of domestic violence. She served as the Vice Chair of the Child Welfare and Juvenile Law Committee of the Connecticut Bar Association, and served on the Legislative Subcommittee of its Family Law Section.

As a small business owner, Melissa understands that economic policies and taxes that burden small businesses keep them from growing and expanding, and she understands how inflation is threatening the security that seniors have worked hard to achieve for retirement. As a breast cancer survivor she understands intimately why it’s critical to ensure that Connecticut is a state that gives everyone access to affordable health insurance, and that we do everything we can to bring down the soaring cost of prescription drugs. And she knows that the recent explosion in housing and supply chain costs is jeopardizing the ability of all but the wealthiest residents to afford their property taxes, home repairs, or to even own a home in our community.

Melissa has also been an active volunteer in the community, teaching the youth in her place of worship, and serving on both appointed and elected boards and commissions, such as Simsbury’s Charter Revision Commission, and Clean Energy Task Force. Melissa is currently serving as an elected Alternate on the Zoning Commission.

Whether in the court or in the community, Melissa has been a leader and a fighter for what is right her whole life.  Now she’s ready to bring that fight to Hartford for all the residents of Simsbury. 

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Melissa's Promise To You

Our country and our state face unprecedented challenges. As an experienced mediator, I promise to bring a voice of reason to the conversation and work with legislators on both sides of the aisle for the best outcomes for Simsbury and Connecticut.  But I am also a tenacious court room litigator when needed, and I will fight for Simsbury and for common sense fiscal solutions, just like I fight for my clients.  And as an accomplished attorney, business owner, and community leader I have the experience to do it.


Melissa knows how hard it is to make ends meet in this inflationary economy.  And the recent housing boom has worsened that crisis in Simsbury.  Middle class families, seniors, teachers, first responders, and young people starting out are being priced out of our town.  That’s why Melissa will get to work on day one to eliminate the tax on social security income, to reform our antiquated property tax system, to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, and to secure resources to provide housing options that are more affordable for Simsbury residents.  And with half of all working-age Americans at risk of falling short of the savings they will need for retirement, Melissa will advocate for novel retirement saving incentives and reforms.  Melissa also knows that today’s tuitions make college out of reach for many without crushing student debt.  Melissa will fight to properly fund our public university system and get its costs under control. 

Gun Safety

With the nation still reeling from the tragedy at Uvalde, we feel that pain even more poignantly here in Connecticut.  With Congress failing to protect our children and the public from the plague of gun violence, states are now our only line of defense. Connecticut needs legislators who will oppose the gun manufacturers' lock on gun safety policies.  As in invited speaker on the intersection of gun safety and Intimate Partner Violence before gun safety advocacy groups, Melissa has put herself on the line to advocate for gun safety for years.  You can count on her to continue that fight in Hartford once she's elected.


Let’s face it, there are two reasons people move to Simsbury – the natural beauty and the schools.  Simsbury has a history of educational excellence, but the educational world faces a new set of Covid and safety challenges.  We need safe and secure schools that capitalize on modern technology, provide enhanced learning environments for students of all backgrounds, abilities, and challenges, and prepare our students for the world and the economy they will live in.  Melissa will fight at the Capitol for the resources to keep our children safe, resources to enhance students’ social and emotional learning to help at-risk students to avert crises before they strike, and to make sure that Simsbury continues its tradition of educational excellence now and in the future.

Women's Rights

As a woman, a mother, a breast cancer survivor, and domestic violence prevention advocate, Melissa has been pursuing legislation at the Capitol for years to protect and improve the lives of women.  She has worked closely with members of both chambers on legislation to protect children and domestic violence victims, and to improve breast cancer screening and insurance coverage.  Our State Representative’s vote should reflect the values of the people of our district, and Melissa will work to pass laws to defend women’s health care rights and choices, economic parity, and safety.


With the planet rapidly warming, food sources threatened, and wildlife collapse a reality, it is critical that Connecticut takes a forward-thinking stance to protect its residents.  Enacting thoughtful laws, based on research and science, to ensure we are a “Sustainable Connecticut” will also have a positive impact on the economy.  Re-thinking our reliance on cars and other environmentally unfriendly actions is important and the opportunities presented by actively pursuing ways to “go green” will put Connecticut at the forefront of environmental action and a healthy economy.  (Wave to Melissa if you see her commuting to work or out door-knocking on her e-bike!)  A sustainable economic structure provides new good paying jobs, opportunities for smart technology, and a path forward.   Protecting our open space, supporting efforts to bring back our insect, bird and wildlife populations, and supporting research and innovation are all critical to our future, and Melissa is committed to making these issues a priority in our state legislature.

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