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Meet Melissa

Melissa Osborne is running for election on November 3rd for Connecticut’s 8th Senate District. After a career representing large private equity firms, investment banks and corporations, she relocated to the 8th District 17 years ago to raise her family. While balancing family and work, she started her own law practice to guide and support families through difficult situations, and represented vulnerable children and parents in Juvenile Court.

As an advocate for her clients and issues she believes in, Melissa went beyond the court room to fight at the legislature for reform in the family court system, legislation to improve breast cancer screening for women, and laws to protect victims of domestic violence. She served as the Vice Chair of the Child Welfare and Juvenile Law Committee of the Connecticut Bar Association and served on the Legislative Subcommittee of its Family Law Section.

As a small business owner, Melissa understands that economic policies and taxes that burden small businesses keep them from growing and expanding. As a breast cancer survivor she understands intimately why it’s critical to ensure that Connecticut is a state that gives everyone access to affordable health insurance. And as someone who worked her way through college at night, she understands how important affordable public higher education is in changing the trajectory of people’s lives.

Melissa has also been an active volunteer in the community, teaching the youth in her place of worship, and serving on Simsbury’s Charter Revision Commission, and Clean Energy Task Force. Melissa is currently serving as a Zoning Alternate.

Whether in court or in the community, Melissa has been a leader and a fighter for what is right her whole life. Now she’s ready to bring that fight to Hartford for all the residents of the 8th District.

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Why I'm Running

I am running for State Senate because, let’s face it, it’s time for new leadership and new ideas in Hartford.  Sending the same people back there to do the same thing they’ve been doing for almost a generation doesn’t make much sense, especially when you consider that we have the same problems today that we had twenty years ago.  Our economy isn’t growing, health care continues to get more expensive, and government too often continues to take our money and spend it on programs that just don’t work.

To be sure, there are other issues that are important. Our country and our state face unprecedented challenges. I will work to pass smart environmental laws designed to protect our planet and spur energy job growth right here in Connecticut. I will fight to protect a woman’s right to choose, I will fight to secure affordable health coverage for everyone, and I will advocate for sensible, constitutional gun safety measures to protect all of us. Above all, I will continue to serve my community by listening and advocating for all the residents of the 8th District.

As an experienced mediator I promise to bring a voice of reason to the conversation and to work with legislators on both sides of the aisle. As an accomplished attorney, business owner, and community leader I have the experience to do it.


Melissa knows the struggles many middle class families have making ends meet. She is living proof that access to quality education can change the trajectory of a family in just one generation. Melissa put herself through college while working two jobs, and got through law school on a scholarship and student loans. She knows that opportunities for Connecticut's hard-working families will be created by reforming our antiquated property tax system, making college more affordable, improving our infrastructure, and ensuring that the Connecticut school to jobs pipeline trains workers for today’s jobs.

Health Care

As a breast cancer survivor Melissa knows the fear that the perpetual challenges to access to health insurance cause. As a small business owner providing her own health insurance, she knows that this threatens not just individuals but our economy as well. She knows what it’s like to stay awake at night worrying about insurance and to contemplate closing up shop over insurance issues. Affordable health insurance and health care should be a right, not a privilege.  No matter what happens at the federal level, Melissa will fight to ensure that affordable health care for all becomes a reality in Connecticut.

Gun Safety

With Congress failing to protect our children and the public from the plague of gun violence, states are now our only line of defense. Connecticut needs legislators who will oppose the NRA’s lock on gun safety policies and uphold Americans' Constitutional right to bear arms…in a way that doesn’t unduly endanger the innocent. Melissa would have voted in favor of legislation banning bump stocks, in favor of removing guns from people when a court has issued a Temporary Restraining Order in a family violence incident, and in favor of Connecticut’s ban on semi-automatic weapons for kids under 16. Our current senator voted against all of those laws, so it’s no wonder he has been NRA A rated.


With the planet rapidly warming, food sources threatened and wildlife collapse a reality, it is critical that Connecticut takes a forward-thinking stance to protect its residents.  Enacting thoughtful laws, based on research and science, to ensure we are a “Sustainable Connecticut” will also have a positive impact on the economy.  Re-thinking a commitment to fracking, waste-burning and other environmentally unfriendly actions is important, and the opportunities presented by actively pursuing ways to “go green” will put Connecticut at the forefront of environmental action and a healthy economy.  A sustainable economic structure provides new jobs, opportunities for smart technology, and a path forward.  I actively support efforts to bring back our insect, bird and wildlife populations.  Protecting our open space, enhancing environmental programs already in place, and supporting research and innovation are critical to our future, and I’m committed to making these issues a priority in our state legislature.

Women’s Rights

Women’s health decisions need to stay where they belong -- with women and their doctors. Our senator’s vote should reflect the values of the people of our district, and Melissa will stand to defend a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions and to ensure access to legal, safe family planning and choice. Our current senator voted to deny a rape victim’s right to emergency contraception at the hospital. Melissa believes that under absolutely no circumstance should a woman’s right to access emergency contraception be based on anyone else's religious beliefs.

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